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NZXT’s Hue 2 lighting kits are a great way to add RGB to your PC rig

November 19, 2018 / JEFF GRUBB

Some people can’t wait to tell you how much they don’t care about RGB lighting in their PC hardware. And to them I say this: “OK.” And then, I will walk back into the warm, glowing embrace of the Hue 2 lighting kits from NZXT.Let’s say that you or a loved one already have the perfect PC rig. You have all of the bells. You have installed and updated the drivers for all of the whistles. Crysis at 60 frames per second? That’s a joke to you. Then, what exactly are you supposed to spend your money on to fill that consumer-shaped hole in your heart this holiday? Don’t say “savings” because you know your cash needs to go toward RGB LEDs.Look, RGB is in just about everything these days. I’ve got multiple mouse pads with LEDs around their brim. This is ridiculous. I admit this. But I also love walking into my office and seeing the flashing light show that my rig puts on for my enjoyment. And one of the reasons I enjoy my setup so much ...