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Oculus developer page leaks a new VR headset codenamed ‘Del Mar’

March 20, 2020 / Adi Robertson

A leak on Oculus’ website suggests it’s making a new virtual reality headset codenamed “Del Mar.” Recently, some Oculus developers noticed a new infobox for “Oculus Del Mar Development.” It references a developer program called “Del Mar First Access” that may already exist or be nearing launch. And some now-removed documentation refers to a “Jedi Controller” designed for Del Mar. The information has since been removed, but we retrieved it from a Google cache of developer portal pages. Facebook declined to comment on their contents.“The information contained on this page is restricted to early Del Mar developers only. Do not share this information. Any questions should be directed to the Del Mar First Access forum or your Oculus partner,” reads the box. (The page included general documentation, so we’re not sure what information this refers to.) And as seen above, a mobile API documentation page contains a lin...