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Oculus Rift Out Of Stock At Some Retailers, Available ‘Mainly Online’

February 26, 2019 / IAN HAMILTON

If you want to purchase an Oculus Rift right now on Amazon.com the VR headset may not ship until after the Game Developers Conference in March.We’ve watched stock of the Rift headset closely as reported at various retailers. Over the last few months we’ve seen a number of physical stores run low on units, including Best Buy and Microsoft locations. In January, right before CES, there was a similar hiccup in supply of the headsets. At the time Facebook said they were “replenishing inventory across channels.”This time, though, Facebook provides no assurance of replenishing inventory.“Rift continues to be available across our channels, at this time mainly online (Oculus.com, Best Buy online, Amazon, etc.),” explains an email this week from a Facebook representative. While Facebook representatives generally decline to comment on future products we’ve found code references to Rift S  in the Oculus PC software. This confirms the existence of the...