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Patch 4 For Marvel Powers United VR Includes Further Gameplay Improvements

February 22, 2019 / Peter Graham

Sanzaru Games might be working on the rather epic looking virtual reality (VR) adventure Asgard’s Wrath but thankfully that hasn’t stopped the team continuing to improve upon last years release, Marvel Powers United VR. Today has seen the fourth Patch arrive for the Super Hero brawler, adding more tuning to characters as well as the addition of new content. The two big additions in Patch 4 is the new objective phase and enemy type. The objective phase is called Nuke Defense, and can appear at any time on a map. Players have to work together to locate and deactivate deployed A.I.M. Nuke Titans, with each device carefully deactivated by using the correct sequenced code displayed on the nuke’s terminal and pulling the corresponding cable. If the wrong cable is pulled, the nuke will detonate and KO the active player while damaging other players in its radius. Just like some of the other modes there might be multiple Nuke Titans to deactivate, and should any remain once th...