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PlayStation 5 first details: SSD, ray tracing, 8K, and 3D audio

April 16, 2019 / MIKE MINOTTI

Sony has revealed the first details of its next video game console to Wired. While the machine does not have a name yet, the company will likely dub it the PlayStation 5.Mark Cerny, who was the lead system architect for the PlayStation 4 and is now working on the new console, told Wired that the new console will not be coming out in 2019. It will represent a big upgrade from its predecessor, including a new chip from AMD, Intel’s rival for CPUs. The machine will support ray tracing, a graphics technique that has in-game lighting project itself and bounce off of surfaces as a multitude of rays, just like light behaves in our world. Sony also said that the PS5 will include an SSD hard drive. This will make game loading times much faster on the new machine. The console will also support 8K resolutions, although that’s something that most modern TVs do not yet feature. But by the time the PS5 launches and in the immediate time after, 8K should become more prevalent.