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PlayStation now rules Sony's entertainment business

May 22, 2019 / Derek Strickland

When looking over Sony's recent investor's meeting presentation, one key thought stood out: PlayStation is king. Sony is synergizing all of its strongest points to make a huge content foundation for long-term growth. It's entertainment branches are working together in a new way to not only compliment, but meld with its billion-dollar gaming division. PlayStation will permeate through everything Sony does insofar as entertainment.   Soon we'll see some of PlayStation's biggest properties adapted into films and TV shows, all produced by Sony's new in-house PlayStation Productions studio. Its movie-making segment Sony Pictures will help bring PlayStation games to the big screen. The company's new focus on unity, which calls for a "one Sony collaboration," will see all of its moving parts working together to enhance PlayStation gaming and retroactively feed back into itself. Even Sony Music will create soundtracks for big first-party games mo...