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Project OAR Fights Fragmentation in Connected TV Advertising

March 13, 2019 / Troy Dreier

Connected TV viewing and advertising is taking off, but so far each CTV ad platform has its own requirements, causing difficulties for advertisers in easily reaching a large audience with one campaign and then analyzing the results. Several major players banded together to solve this problem, announcing the creation of Project OAR.OAR stands for "open addressable ready," and the project's goal is creating consistent standards for CTV advertising. It aims to have a working product this spring and fully deploy it in early 2020. Having addressability on TV sets will let advertisers benefit from TV's reach, while still narrowly targeting an audience interested in a niche product. It would also let them reach cord-cutting viewers who don't see traditional TV ads.Founding members of Project OAR include content providers Disney (ABC, ESPN, and Freeform), NBCUniversal, CBS, Discovery, Turner, Hearst, and AMC; advertisers FreeWheel and Xandr; and TV maker Vizio. Inscape, t...