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PUBG Mobile might soon let you play as a zombie

March 06, 2019 / digit

PUBG Mobile, the mobile counterpart of the Battle Royale multiplayer title for PC and consoles, was updated last month with a new Zombie mode. The Zombie: Survive Till Dawn limited time event added fresh gameplay to the title and is a result of collaboration between Resident Evil 2 and Tencent. Players need not only eliminate other players, but also survive the zombie horde that is unleashed upon them for two consecutive nights. However, there is a new zombie mode that could soon be making its way to the game and if the YouTuber MrGhost Gaming is to be believed, players might get to become zombies to attack and defeat standard players. MrGhost Gaming claims that PUBG Mobile published a Facebook post on February 28 asking users for feedback and ideas about the new zombie mode. The post apparently stated, “Do you want to see more new modes with zombies? How about new varieties of zombies? Or even...play the game as a zombie?” We did try to find the Facebook post but couldn&rs...