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PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode: For The Real Chicken Lovers

March 01, 2019 / Scott Hayden

Player Unknown's Battleground mobile lovers out there must have experienced the new and exciting event of the most heartthrob game of the country. The new PUBG X RE 2 collaboration has brought their fans a whole new level of excitement, from killing those walking dead with deadly machine guns and flame throwers to experiencing a whole new 'Erangel', the list never ends. PUBG have never let their lovers and admirers down and it has proven it in many ways and in many times. As the topic reads, this is for the die hard chicken lovers. Have anyone seen a real chicken out there or were you busy enough to binge on a chicken dinner. No, I am not spreading rumors but I myself have seen the real chicken in the game and I will tell you where to find it. Land on the RPD building and anyhow manage to  climb its top, its not that hard or you can just land on the top of it, if you know where the building is; then go towards the main entrance as soon as you land on the top and as you...