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Remember RTX? It’s in a video game now

November 14, 2018 / JEFF GRUBB

If you’ve purchased an Nvidia RTX graphics card, you can finally enjoy your fancy new GPU’s namesake feature. All you have to do is update a handful of programs and join Electronic Arts’ premium subscription service.Battlefield V is officially the first game to support real-time ray tracing. This feature enables light to reflect off surfaces like windows and puddles in a hyperrealistic way. The game can use this feature if you meet a number of requirements. Most important, you need to run either an Nvidia RTX 2070, 2080, or 2080 Ti. And as you might expect, the bigger the number of your GPU, the faster it’ll handle this computationally expensive feature.In addition to the video card, you will also need a subscription to Origin Access to download the game, the Nvidia GeForce 416.94 drivers, and the latest Windows update. That is the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, which Microsoft actually pulled due to bugs last month. It’s back, and it still supports the D...