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Remote AR will make it so we can work — or play — anywhere

April 07, 2019 / PETER JOBES

Augmented reality has been something of a trailblazer in the gaming industry in recent years. The technology has been hovering around the periphery of the mainstream for some years in the form unsuccessful endeavors like Sony PlayStation 2’s Eye Toy: Play — which used a camera to embed a digital world over a real-life canvas that users could interact with — and various games for Nintendo Wii. However, it wasn’t until the explosion in mobile gaming over the last decade that AR really began to announce itself on the biggest stage.While such developments were occurring, very few could’ve foreseen augmented reality’s relationship with business collaboration tools blossoming as the technology developed. But with endeavors like PowerX’s augmented reality table presenting itself as a solution for providing complex visualizations and digital learning tools within organisations, it’s clear to see that a symbiotic relationship between the technolog...