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Resolution Games’ Acron is a cross-platform party game for VR and mobile

April 18, 2019 / GIANCARLO VALDES

With the hype for virtual reality settling down, developers are looking for new ways to entice players. Resolution Games has found a way to thrive with VR hits like Bait! (downloaded nearly 2.5 million times) and Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, and it’s hoping that its next game will continue that trend.The Stockholm-based studio announced that it’s working on Acron, a cross-platform party game coming this summer to unspecified VR and mobile platforms. VR players will take the role of a giant tree trying to protect their golden acrons, and mobile players will take control of a band of conniving squirrels trying to steal the Acrons. The living tree can slow the squirrels down using different abilities, like throwing rocks and boulders. “We’ve always believed that VR is more enjoyable when you can play with your friends and family,” said Resolution Games cofounder and CEO Tommy Palm in a statement. “Acron takes that idea even further by allowing players ...