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Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD — How to cut loading times in half

November 28, 2018 / JEFF GRUBB

Load times on the Xbox One are often painfully long. Even if you plunked down $500 for an Xbox One X, you’ll often have to wait more than a minute for certain games to load. But what if you could improve those speeds by using a quicker storage drive? Well, that’s what storage manufacturer Seagate is promising with its new Game Drive For Xbox One SSD. This slick-looking device is available now, and it’s pricey.The Game Drive SSD comes in a 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB variations. For 500GB model has a suggested price of $155. The 1TB is $310, and the 2TB is a whopping $650 although Amazon only has the 2TB variation at $470 right now.So the drives are expensive. Seagate itself sells traditional 2TB HDDs for $110. By comparison, $155 is a lot of money for just 500GB. But you’re not paying for capacity when it comes to an external SSD; you’re paying for speed. And that’s where the Game Drive SSD delivers.The Game Drive makes an immediate and noticeable difference...