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Some American carriers are installing cameras on their in-flight entertainment screens

May 10, 2019 / Gulliver

FLYERS TRAVELLING ON one of America’s major airlines may soon notice a mysterious item on the back of the set in front: a small sticker under the in-flight entertainment screen. These stickers have appeared as the result of a public outcry in recent months over the unpublicised installation of video cameras on these screens on at least four airlines. The fuss began in February on a Singapore Airlines flight, when a passenger noticed what appeared to be a camera lens by her video screen. Her husband, a cybersecurity expert, tweeted a photo of it. The airline confirmed that it was a camera. On some of their planes with newer entertainment systems, the fitters of the interiors had installed devices with an embedded camera. But Singapore Airlines said that the cameras had been “disabled” and they had no plans to use them.That did nothing to quell public anxiety, which only grew with news reports later the same month that some screens on the big three American carriers, Am...