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Somersaults And Sideflips Are Coming To Action FPS Sairento VR

November 22, 2018 / Peter Graham

After an Early Access release in 2016 followed by a full launch in January, Mixed Realms’ ninja-based action title Sairento VR has proved to be a tidy little success, receiving a positive response from press and gamers alike. But the team hasn’t stopped there, continually releasing improvements. It has now laid out plans for the next major update.Sairento VR is very much an intense experience, partially due to its mixture of sword and gun battles, but mainly thanks to the movement system where you can bound about and leap off walls at leisure. The studio is taking this aspect one step further in its v1.5 update by allowing players to perform somersaults and sideflips. So you soon be able to perform directional flips in the air and sideflip off a wall run.The aim is to give players even more dexterity when battling opponents, dodging incoming fire to get in close for some brutal sword attacks. The flip can be timed at any portion of the upward jump enabling even greater heig...