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Sony Resolves PlayStation 4 Bug That Allowed Specific Message to Lock-Up System

October 15, 2018 / BRITTANY VINCENT

Sony has reportedly resolved an issue with PlayStation Network messages that could cause a particular string of messages sent to a PlayStation 4 to lock-up the system until reset.After a slew of user reports came in via Reddit and other social media accounts from PlayStation 4 owners that detailed the console seizing up and crashing, word spread quickly online that the issue could affect anyone’s system. The problem stems from a message containing a particular string of characters that, when received, causes the system to be sent into a “crash loop,” according to Ask PlayStation UK’s official Twitter account.The issue, which the Twitter account notes “can be quickly fixed in under 5 minutes,” allegedly seems to have been resolved. There are several steps players can take to avoid receiving a message like this in the future, such as deleting any messages from senders on the platform you don’t trust, or simply deleting it via the Sony PlayStation...