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Starlight and SOTI bring Lenovo Mirage Solo VR to hospitalized kids

October 01, 2018 / JEREMY HORWITZ

After decades of using wall-mounted TVs, hospitalized patients have recently started using virtual reality to “transport” themselves into more relaxing settings. Hot on the heels of last week’s Oculus-VRHealth initiative to manage pain for chemotherapy patients and mothers in labor, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, SOTI, and Lenovo have teamed up to provide a VR solution for hospitalized kids.Working together, Lenovo and SOTI created the first enterprise device management system for the Mirage Solo, Google’s standalone Daydream VR device, enabling a fleet of headsets to be deployed by the Starlight Children’s Foundation. They’ll include an app called Starlight Xperience to provide entertainment and educational VR experiences geared towards distracting children during their hospitalization, capable of showing kids locations all around the world.The scope of this particular initiative is pretty broad: Starlight has over 800 pediatric partners...