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Streaming steaming as US home entertainment spending rises to $6BN in Q1 2019

May 02, 2019 / Joseph O'Halloran

Making the numbers even better said DEG was that the increase came even though Q1 2019 did not include the Easter holiday, traditionally a strong sales period which was included in the comparable period a year earlier.Fundamentally the 6% increase in US home entertainment spending in the quarter came amid a nearly 20% drop in box-office performance for the films released in the period. Digital transactions through electronic sell through (EST) and video-on-demand (VOD) helped counter declines in the sale of physical discs.Theatrical product EST was especially strong, rising nearly 14% in the quarter from a year earlier. Overall EST spending rose nearly 7% in the quarter compared with the year ago period, with the strong theatrical sales more than offsetting a drop in the sale of television product.Total VOD spending was up 2.27% annually to $564.14 million as demand for theatrical product remained strong. The marked 20.6% rise in subscription streaming included revenue from services sp...