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T-Mobile pay TV service launching in first half of 2019

February 07, 2019 / Ben Munson

T-Mobile’s upcoming pay TV service—built out of the company’s Layer3 TV acquisition—has been delayed, but now a launch date is in sight.T-Mobile Chief Operating Officer Mike Sievert said the service is going to launch in the first half of 2019. The company had originally planned to launch the service last year but pushed back the date.T-Mobile has already launched a predecessor pay TV product in four cities under the Layer3 TV brand, and Sievert said that’s been a learning experience leading up to the official T-Mobile TV launch. He reiterated that T-Mobile’s pay TV and home broadband plans work best in concert but that they can operate independently. T-Mobile will begin piloting home broadband offers in 2019. Earlier in the year, some of those services will be based on 4G LTE network technology, but later on that will shift toward 5G. The company expects to offer median download speeds of 450 Mbps.Sievert said that T-Mobile’s pay TV and home b...