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Technological Advancements are Disrupting Traditional Media

August 02, 2018 / FinancialBuzz.com

New technologies are expected to change the telecommunications and media market. A research report by Deloitte indicates that the initial commercial rollout of the fifth-generation wireless network technology (5G) is expected to connect the various sectors of mobile technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, and mobile media. As 5G enters the scene, many telecom carriers are looking to increase their presence in the media space through M&A deals and partnerships. With the sheer number of applications that 5G could potentially support, Deloitte projects a strong impact on the entire mobile ecosystem and economy overall. It is projected to surpass 4G's arrival, when GDP grew over USD 150 Billion and over 370,000 new jobs were created. The report specifies that mobile and video content represent some of the most significant consumer uses of 5G and therefore, the expansion into the content business is only natural for carriers seeking growth. There are s...