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Tendar is a surreal AR app from the makers of Virtual Virtual Reality

November 17, 2018 / Jamie Feltham

What did the makers of the exquisite Virtual Virtual Reality do next? Something completely different.Now out on Android, Tendar is an AR app that brings developer Tender Claws’ surrealist imagination into the world around us. In it, you look after Guppy, a virtual fish that wants to explore the big wide world with you. But you’re not simply making sure it gets fed on time and sending it off to the bathroom; Guppy is destined to evolve based on the everyday interactions you have out in the world. Check it out in the trailer below.Weird, right? We’d expect no less from the Tender Claws, who made a game in which you slap toast on a sentient slab of butter. But Tendar looks like it could shine the same satirical spotlight it placed upon VR in VVR, only this time on AR and AI instead. Guppy will learn about the facial expressions you make when interacting with him for example, and the app can also detect and scan over 200 real-world objects that you’ll then be able t...