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The golden age of streaming sports isn't perfect, but it's still damn good

November 22, 2018 / MARCUS GILMER

As the air turns colder and we approach the holidays, we also find ourselves knee-deep in one of the best times of the year for sports: The NBA and NHL are in full swing, college basketball is getting warmed up, college football is barreling toward Bowl Season, and the NFL season is getting hot as teams position for the playoffs. Plus, there's soccer and any number of other winter sports to catch should you be so inclined.Yes, we now live in an era when it's possible to keep track of all the important games as you're on the go between shindigs and holiday concerts. The advent of streaming sports has made it possible to never miss a moment instead of languishing in a bubble of, well, NO SPORTS.Watching a crystal-clear stream of almost any sporting event I could want on my phone is a far cry from the first and only way I encountered watching sports live on the go before the "streaming revolution."