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The Wizards – Enhanced Edition To Get A Physical Release On PlayStation VR

February 25, 2019 / Peter Graham

After confirming development of a PlayStation VR version for The Wizards last summer, Carbon Studio revealed a couple of weeks ago that the videogame would be released in March. Today, Perp Games has now said that a physical version is also on its way, due a month later. Now called The Wizards – Enhanced Edition, this new version of the magical combat title sees several new enhancements over the original. The six-hour-long, single-player Story Campaign now includes a whole new level, never-before-seen map, battles, and expanded lore.  Another new addition is that of character customisation. Players will be able to change the colour of their magic gloves which has the added benefit of containing magical glyphs representing their health status. Plus there are checkpoints, improved hand tracking, accessibility and a whole bunch of other features to polish the experience.The title still includes the Arena mode, where players can compete in never-ending battles, as well as the Fa...