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This New Headset Lets You See VR As Clearly As the Real World

October 08, 2018 / Luke Dormehl

With AR and VR companies racing to build the ultimate headset that can truly embrace mixed reality, a Finnish startup, Varjo, just made waves with their near to human eye resolution VR headset - The “Bionic Display”.Many innovations have come to wearable VR headsets, most of them trying to get better visuals. Clearly, many companies are impressed by their ethos as Varjo announced that they had raised $31 million in funding during Atomica. The major partners include Next 47, EQT Ventures, and Lifeline Ventures.When you look the lineup of competitors, you can see that none has come close to delivering a comparable visual experience as the new headsets from Varjo. Having a display that is close to human eye resolution means that the images will be highly detailed.The dream of building a headset capable of human eye resolution was born in 2016 when Varjo was founded. The increase in resolution is also not modest as when we compare the product with offerings from Microsoft, HTC ...