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Three key entertainment technology trends

June 13, 2019 / Craig Hawtin-Butcher

From streaming to picture quality, technology advances in the home are driving innovation in venue entertainment technology. Craig Hawtin-Butcher reveals how hoteliers can stay ahead of the curve.The Balmain Hotel in Sydney’s Inner West drew some unwanted attention in the press earlier in May when Foxtel blocked the pub’s Game of Thrones screenings to the public. The pay-tv broadcaster reminded the venue that its residential subscription did not allow for the pub’s commercial setup and rapidly killed off the screenings. The incident is a reminder both of ensuring your entertainment packages are legitimately used, but also of the enduring power of screened entertainment to attract major crowds to pubs. Big-draw series with star names do have the pulling power to get patrons off their sofas and into their local, while screened live sport is an enduring attraction powering the great Aussie pub. While much has been made of the streaming services Netflix and Stan keeping A...