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Transform your home entertainment experience with new Ematic Android TV Box

July 10, 2019 / Johannesburg

Streaming services have become increasingly popular in South Africa over recent years, providing users with loads of entertainment options.If you own a TV, and you don’t own a streaming box, you’re missing out on some amazing features. An Android TV box can instantly transform your TV into a smart TV and offer many more content options, opening a whole new world of entertainment, allowing you to watch TV shows, download games and streaming apps on demand. When considering a streaming box, the first thing to look for is whether the box is an official Android TV box tested and approved by Google. Android TV is specifically designed for display on a TV screen. Android TV OS uses a 10-foot interface which has been optimised for navigating and selecting with a TV remote control, as well as displaying larger icons and text for view across a room. This ensures both an intuitive and enjoyable lean-back user experience.