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Two Years On: PlayStation VR – Videogames

October 12, 2018 / Rebecca Hills-Duty

Though the PlayStation 4 is capable of a fair number of functions, it is primarily designed as a videogames console, so you would expect the focus for its software to be on videogames.Some of the earliest virtual reality (VR) titles released for the PlayStation VR amounted to be mostly tech demos, but since then a fairly significant library of content has emerged for the PlayStation VR.Early adopters of the PlayStation VR tended to get the bundle that came along with PlayStation VR Worlds, a collection of smaller VR experiences that served as an introduction to VR for many users. The experiences included include the critically acclaimed The London Heist, watery adventure Ocean Descent, sci-fi exploration Scavengers Odyssey, street racing title VR Luge and futuristic sport tournament Danger Ball.One of the first big releases for the PlayStation VR was Battlezone from Rebellion Games. A VR update of the classic arcade title from Atari, in Battlezone players take control of a tank to trav...