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Underground Survival Experience Echoes VR is Heading to Kickstarter

November 22, 2018 / Drew Prindle

Spanish indie videogame studio Rogue Titan Games announced its debut virtual reality (VR) title Echoes VR several months ago, revealing that it was the team’s final project for their masters at the Politechnic University of Madrid. As this will be their first videogame the studio is seeking funding to ensure all the usual costs of development can be met, so next week a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign will be launched.The actual amount Rogue Titan Games is after isn’t a great deal, only £7,862 GBP/€8,820 EUR, which the team is hoping to raise over 35 days. There will be a range of funding tiers for backers to choose from, with an early bird deal for the title retailing for €16 for the first 100 backers. Once sold out the standard tier will be €20. For those that like extra goodies the tiers rise all the way up to €1,000 way backers gain access to all previous rewards plus the option to design their own creature.Echoes VR is an action-oriented sur...