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Unraveling the tangled web of online television

April 04, 2019 / University of Huddersfield

Once it was just the gogglebox in the sitting room with a few broadcast channels to choose from and no chance to catch-up on programmes that had been missed. But in the internet age it can be difficult to know what is meant by "television" any more, according to a University of Huddersfield professor whose latest book helps readers reach a clearer understanding of a new landscape in which a huge range of content can be chosen and viewed on a multiplicity of devices. In Online TV, Catherine Johnson—who is Professor of Media and Communications at the University—provides a guide to changes that have taken place since the arrival of high-speed broadband, tablets, smartphones and internet-enabled TV sets. It has been a period of particular volatility, she writes. "Trying to make sense of television in the internet era can be likened to the task of unravelling a tangled ball of wool. All the strands seem to be inextricably interconnected, but in ways that are not c...