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Valve To Show ‘New Features And Updates’ For Steam And More At GDC

March 13, 2019 / David Jagneaux

Today a representative from Valve reached out to us about a talk the company is hosting at GDC to go over “new features and updates” regarding the Steam platform, multi-platform networking API, market analysis, and more. We did a little Googling and found the full listing for the talk on the official GDC website, which has a few more bits of information. In that listing the talk is titled “Steam Business Update (Presented by Valve)” and mentions Tom Giardino, Kassidy Gerber, Alden Kroll, and Ricky Uy will be presenting. The topic is stated as “Business and Marketing” and VR is not mentioned anywhere. We still think it’s a safe bet though. With the in-progress Knuckles controllers likely nearing completion and the recent leak of the VR headset the company is working on, there is a lot to potentially discuss. Not to mention standard updates and information you’d expect at an event like this. We won’t hold our breath, but an update on ...