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Variety and Ease Most Important Qualities in a Streaming Service

March 22, 2019 / Troy Dreier

Nielsen asked people what they look for in a streaming video service, and variety of content (57%), ease of use (56%), and access to movies (52%) top the list.The least important features are access to live sports (35%) and the availability of a skinny bundle (28%).Those results come from Nielsen's Q3 2018 Total Audience Report. They show that, for the moment, people prioritize a wide content selection over niche offerings, and many aren't looking for a pay TV replacement. For non-streamers with no intention of signing up, the biggest reason they're not looking to go online is that they're already satisfied with their current cable, satellite, or fibre service (36%). The next most popular reasons are that streaming services aren't worth the expense (33%) and not being interested in the content (26%).Nielsen asked people how they get recommendations for new shows or movies to stream. The most popular answer was that people stream shows they were already watching on b...