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Verizon Digital Media Services adds 4K encoding, multi-CDN to its toolbox

April 01, 2019 / Ben Munson

Verizon Digital Media Services (VDMS) is adding a new batch of platform capabilities including 4K encoding, multi-CDN and quality of service.The company said it soon will announce partners that will receive tighter integration with the VDMS platform.Multi-CDN functionality is now built directly into the VDMS platform and the company is using the same traffic shaping algorithms used by Verizon’s network teams to stream content globally. 4K content increases encoding complexity and processor utilization requirements. VDMS also said it will simplify the 4K encoding workflow by optimizing encoder settings for delivery to any device.“VDMS has designed its platform with simplicity in mind, enabling content owners to more easily deliver the highest quality linear, live and on-demand video experiences to consumers,” said Ralf Jacob, president of VDMS, in a statement. “Traditional TV broadcasters have set the standard in high-quality video delivery but on the VDMS platfo...