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Videos are Becoming a Vital Part of the Social Media Marketing Industry

August 07, 2019 / Aabroo Saeed

Networking is now becoming more focused towards entertainment, most of the consumers now either consume visuals or they stream videos. Where majority stills rely on video games, brands are now becoming more conscious towards where their advertisement is done and where their ad shows. Most of the marketing was done formally just via blogging, social posts, and print media but soon this changed. We no longer have time to read long, boring content. In a moment where we scroll through the post without reading it, something really grans our attention and that’s where video comes in. Generation Z users are now consuming videos as a part of learning, education, suggestion, and even entertainment. This is the reason brands are now becoming more conscious about producing video-based content that is more entertaining, better at engaging people yet promote their and without giving too little or too much information. To make it all easier we have listed how the journey of a video starts righ...