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Virtual reality: How will it change the way you make music?

May 14, 2019 / Adam Crute

Making music in the modern age generally requires a lot of intense screentime, but we’re all prone to distractions as we find our music-making workflows getting stale. However, what if you could just ditch the keyboard and mouse completely and dive right inside your DAW with nothing to remind you of the mundanity of the real world?The implications of virtual reality and its related technology on music-making are profound – the total immersion in the creative process and the positional accuracy of Ambisonics will undoubtedly result in greater focus, while the growing popularity of VR media will require greater technical understanding of mixing for the virtual world.Let’s take a look then, at how this technology has developed to its current level of sophistication, how it works and how, potentially, the game is being changed forever for the composers of the future. As sound engineers and music producers, there are numerous ways that the development of virtual reality so...