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Virtual Reality Offers Exciting New Experiences From Home

May 02, 2019 / Zakary Haines

When people are presented with a new piece of technology, it may take them a while to adjust to it and incorporate it into their daily lives. Virtual reality is not a new concept, but the execution behind the headsets and the handles are. Oculus, HTC Vive and SONY have all been able to put VR on the market for people to enjoy. So far, VR has mostly been for games and some simulations, and the products have been limited in its recent years. Although more titles have been released for VR, it is still far away from being on the same level of the average video game console or computer. The experience engaging with VR is mind blowing and can make you feel like the lines are blurred.The experiences I have had with virtual reality have been limited, but I have had enough opportunities to have a good grasp on what the platform is and offers. The headset is kind of bulky and not the most comfortable. The hand controls are easy to use once you know where your buttons are and joysticks can be use...