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VRChat Confirms Spring Launch Plans For Oculus Quest

March 27, 2019 / Ian Hamilton

A number of VR studios planning Oculus Quest titles confirmed development for the standalone VR console today. Among them — VRChat announced plans to come to Oculus Quest in Spring 2019. VRChat is a social networking service that started in VR but extended to flat screens for periods of explosive growth. We’ve reached out to VRChat representatives to understand the nature of the Oculus Quest integration. Some of the worlds people can visit in the title can be pretty resource-intensive, even for a VR-ready PC, so we will be curious to see how the company is able to extend its community to Quest. Rec Room also announced plans for a Quest version and we’ve confirmed cross-play support is planned for that game. Last week, we played Beat Saber on Oculus Quest and enjoyed it considerably. Along with other high-selling VR games like Job Simulator and I Expect You To Die, Facebook appears to have arranged quite the lineup of titles for Oculus Quest in 2019. Oculus Quest launc...