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Walmart Uses Virtual Reality To Test And Promote Employees

July 11, 2019 / Rhodilee Dolor

America’s largest private employer is using virtual reality technology to determine potential and skill levels of workers who may be fit for promotion. Walmart is now using virtual reality headsets to find out which set of its employees has the aptitude to take on managerial roles. The VR skills assessment is part of the company’s selection process to find new middle managers. Store workers who apply for a higher-paying management role are fitted with a virtual reality headset to help assess if they are the right candidate for the job. Walmart’s Senior Vice President for Associate Experience Drew Holler explained that, with the VR skills assessment, workers can be tested for their knowledge of store departments, decision-making skills, leadership capacities and soft skills to determine where they may be best fit.The VR headsets place the company’s associates in real-life situations, such as giving store tours and calming angry shoppers, to test their knowledge a...