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What 5G will do for VR/AR

December 03, 2018 / Raconteur

People using AR and VR might be accessing information on train times while on the move, holding conference calls with colleagues or playing computer games with friends in different locations around the world, all in real time.It’s set to revolutionise the way we communicate and consume content. AR enhances a user’s view by overlaying information on what is in line of sight, while VR offers a deeper and more immersive experience altogether.Both have numerous applications across the enterprise and entertainment fields; however, AR/VR technology will only become truly mainstream with the broad-scale adoption of 5G networks and its convergence with the cloud.Currently, if you wanted to play a game using a VR headset, you would typically need a device such as a PC or a gaming console that has a large amount of storage, power consumption and processing power for it to work effectively. This means you are confined to a particular location, while the headsets remain expensive and n...