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Winning against bots: How gaming apps can fight back

April 23, 2019 / PAUL H. MÜLLER

The mobile gaming industry is on course to break records this year – underscored by a recent report showing mobile is far and away the leader in terms of gaming mediums. Mobile games generated $61.3 billion in revenue in 2018, compared with $35.7 billion on PCs and $12.7 billion on consoles.At almost double the revenue from PCs, the ubiquitousness of mobile goes some way to explain such high numbers. But there’s another aspect that can explain it: community.Although community is an important element of all games, whether played on PC or consoles, it’s especially true for mobile. Drawing on elements from social networks, chat features and straightforward content sharing increase user participation and engagement, particularly combined with the “always-on” nature of mobile. For gamers, these communities allow them to share experiences, become better players, and discuss the ins and outs of their favorite games.