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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is the right console for the right time

March 11, 2019 / JEFF GRUBB

Microsoft is working on an All-Digital Edition of the Xbox One S, according to new rumors from Microsoft-insider news site Thurrott. This unconfirmed device does not have a disc drive and is launching soon. But this is something that we’ve heard multiple times in the past, and it has yet to materialize.But an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition does makes sense. Microsoft has done a lot of work to ensure that something like this can work. And at the same time, it has found itself in a gaming market that is ideal for a less-expensive gaming box. What stands out here is how different console gaming is compared to the end of the last generation. At six-to-seven years into the Xbox 360’s life, Sony and Microsoft weren’t looking to sell hyper-cheap versions of their systems to new customers. That’s largely because it seemed like those customers just didn’t exist. In 2011 and 2012, people without consoles were choosing to spend their money on iPads and iPhones. Mobil...