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XboxDVR mobile app is the easiest way to manage your gameplay captures

January 02, 2019 / JEFF GRUBB

One of the best third-party tools for Xbox is aiming to make it even easier to manage your clips and screenshots. XboxDVR is a resource to see all of your most recent video and image captures. It’s the quickest and most convenient way to manage that content because you can handle it seamlessly through a browser. Now, the XboxDVR team is launching a mobile app to make it even easier to find and share your best gaming moments.The XboxDVR app is live now on iOS and Android for free. It includes the basic functionality that you would expect. If you take a screenshot or video clip on Xbox One or PC (and have default privacy settings), that content will feed into XboxDVR automatically. You can then share a link to the clip on XboxDVR. Alternatively, you can download the image or video to share it wherever you want.XboxDVR, the website, has more features than the app. You can log into an account, see trending content from other people, and create GIFs. And the XboxDVR team is looking to...