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YouTuber gets Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller working on the Nintendo Switch

November 26, 2018 / Nick Statt

Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller is a gadget for people with disabilities or limited mobility to more easily use third-party peripherals. It came out earlier this year, and it was widely lauded for its build quality and its configurability. It has 19 ports on the back that can each be used to mimic a controller input with a third-party device, including those that let you control functions with your mouth or even your feet. So in the event that a person can’t use certain fingers or no longer has the limb required to hold a controller or press a certain button, they can plug in a third-party device to more easily access that function.Microsoft designed the device so it could be used on basically any piece of hardware, but other console makers have yet to adapt the device to work outside the realm of the Xbox One and Windows PC. Now, a YouTuber by the name of MyMateVince has figured out a way to get the device working on the Nintendo Switch with the help of a nifty adapter and...