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In my last blog I looked in detail at the factors that contribute to the cost of live streaming on AWS. I focused on the AWS Elemental Media Services that encode, package and originate, and monetize live streams, as well as the use of Amazon CloudFront to distribute content to audiences around the world.In this post, I want to dive deeper into benefits you get from using these services. Basically, what you get for your money.First, I’ll look at why live streaming is so challenging, with a focus on how these challenges were addressed in the past, how that changed with the cloud, and how it evolved further with AWS Elemental Media Services.As I’ve said before, streaming live video is hard. A lot of the challenges to successful live streaming follow from the fact that everything involved in live streaming has to be done in real time, as live is, well, live. There are no second chances. And, there is a compounding effect that makes those challenges even harder.For one, as the content you want to stream becomes more valuable and well-known, the pressure to make the live channels more reliable intensifies. For high profile content, the impact of any failure is magnified. An outage for a minor league sporting event would be bad, but an outage during a championship final would be a lot worse. The higher the profile of the content, the more reputational harm and brand damage that can be done from a poor streaming experience.