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The means of entertainment has changed considerably over last few the years. There were times when we used to wait for our favourite shows on TV and enjoy them with friends and family. Times have changed now and people are too busy for recreational activities. They are instead trying to squeeze in whatever time they get while they are travelling. An OTT video platform or Over the Top video platform gives viewers the convenience of watching whatever they want, whenever they want. All you need is a small viewing device like your mobile phone and a good internet connection. Let’s find out how movie distribution companies in India are now looking at OTT streaming services as a very lucrative option for reaching out to audiences.A film distribution company in India firstly tries to build a film rights database made of quality titles and interesting content. As making movies has become much easier due to digitalisation, a lot of independent filmmakers are exploring innovative ideas. These independent studios are looking for distributors who can buy IPTV rights or online rights. Once a distributor finds some potential in a movie, he or she buys the rights to build their library of titles. They then look for a reputed OTT video platform who would be interested in buying these titles. Finally, the young and urban audiences have access to OTT content providers when they subscribe to these platforms and enjoy watching unlimited movies at their own convenient time. However, the relevance of satellite rights should not be neglected completely as it has a great potential in rural markets. READ MORE