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Ad quality has improved dramatically over the last couple of years and poorly crafted ads just don’t cut it anymore. Gone are the days of focusing purely on aesthetic appeal. Today, the best creatives are those that engage users, so much so that they’ve begun influencing game design.That sounds like an odd claim but bear with me. If you think about it, both creatives and mobile games value engagement and track similar metrics. Taking this into account, savvy mobile marketers have been using their creatives as a testbed for in-game elements, allowing creatives to influence everything from game mechanics to aesthetic tweaks.Let’s take a step back and examine why ads are so fundamental your business. On the surface, ads are the front end product and allow consumers a view into your brand and app, and drives their decision whether or not to download. Strong ads yield lifts in install delivery and user quality, without needing to increase costs of acquisitions (think raising CPI). They also increase organic user acquisition through visibility. READ MORE