. https://innotechtoday.com/how-gaimin-intersects-gaming-and-blockchain-mining/
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What would happen if the world’s 1.2 billion gamers were able to data mine, and from that, have a greater ability to pay for the assets, weapons, tokens and other in-game purchases they need to prevail? What if the mining happened while they slept? Gaming world, meet cryptocurrency, meet blockchain data mining. Best of all? Gamers don’t have to know a thing about blockchain mining, according to Martin Speight, CEO of Gaimin, which first announced the blockbuster disruptive software in May.“We want to give gamers throughout the world the ability to go deeper into their games and fund their passion, their expensive hobby,” Speight said. “Since gamers are not miners, and miners are not gamers, we’ve created a solution that allows passive mining to happen on their PC computer as they sleep or take a break. Our solution works with exponential networking — friends referring friends. If six people each tell six people about our solution, and they tell six people…” READ MORE