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Is it OK to watch TV at work? Well, it certainly depends on your line of work and on the content itself.  But in some places, the answer is increasingly ‘yes’. And it’s driving companies to invest in IPTV and OTT.Indeed, for a number of businesses, making sure that your employees all have access to real-time news feeds is a no-brainer. This includes businesses such as news agencies and asset-management companies. The same goes for government agencies, as well as companies involved in scientific or competitive watch.Many companies today, in all kinds of industries, want to increase their employees’ and customers’ engagement through digital video – both live and non-linear.Companies must make sure that their employees and customers are getting access to the video content they need. This could be news channels, corporate training videos, social media promotions, major internal events, interviews, competition news or the video of last year’s summer barbecue. The more content you have, the more difficult it is to share that content. Also, a growing number of large companies are producing their own video news feeds. They usually broadcast these feeds through TV screens in the lobby, in elevators, in recreational areas, and over the company intranet. They even  push the feeds to personal mobile devices and on social media networks. READ MORE