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The world of OTT is changing radically with new innovations, from player technologies to standards convergence, propelling the industry forward. As 2018 comes to a close, AkamaiTV sat down with DASH legend and Akamai's very own Will Law to get his pulse on the major trends and technologies that are driving OTT towards a "better-than-broadcast" future.Akamai Principal Architect Peter Chave recently chatted with Will, the chief architect of our Media Cloud Engineering group, in the third episode of our #OTTuesday video series to talk about some of the most significant advances we've seen this year and how they will shape OTT over the year to come. Here are some of Will's top insights:AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) - Developed out of the Alliance for Open Media and published in June of this year, AV1 is quickly becoming a popular alternative to video codecs like HEVC (whose royalties and patent limitations frustrate many media experts). Even as HEVC holds its ground through demand for 4K UHD stream quality and as AVC dominates the market, AV1 is enjoying adoption by a range of new devices and practically all web browsers. Will expects hardware enablement via chips to influence AV1 adoption toward the end of 2019. READ MORE