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As outlined in our 2019 forecasting report, MIDiA predicts that Snap Inc. as we know it will be no more by the end of 2019. Its most notable asset Snapchat still has a sizeable audience among younger demographics but the company will be  most likely acquired by a larger entity. Below are a range of scenarios as to how this might play out:Big Tech: Snapchat famously rebuffed Mark Zuckerberg’s advances for an acquisition of the company back in 2014, and given Instagram and Messenger’s product iterations since then it seems Facebook have been imbued by a strategic impetus of neutralising  Snapchat as a social media competitor. Given the success of Instagram stories, it is unlikely Facebook would be back in for Snapchat at this stage, yet there are valid reasons why two Google and Amazon would be interested in Snap Inc. Google’s in house efforts around social never gained meaningful traction (although YouTube has some limited social functionality it was an acquisition). Leveraging Snap Inc’s camera-centricity would allow Google to reach into an area of data where they are presently lack dominance and would also allow the company to shore up its product search functionality. This is important to Google and parent company Alphabet as a whole, due to Amazon’s advertising division increasingly gaining search revenue against products, which remain the most valuable search terms in digital marketing. For this reason, Amazon may simply seek to enchance their e-commerce offering by acquiring Snap Inc, especially as the two companies already having partnered in the past. READ MORE