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VR is an immersive medium. It creates the sensation of being entirely transported into a virtual (or real, but digitally reproduced) three-dimensional world, and it can provide a far more visceral experience than screenbased media. These best practices are intended to help developers produce content that provides a safe and enjoyable consumer experience on Oculus hardware. Developers are responsible for ensuring their content conforms to all standards and industry best practices on safety and comfort, and for keeping abreast of all relevant scientific literature on these topics.If VR experiences ignore fundamental best practices, they can lead to simulator sickness in some people. Simulator sickness is a combination of symptoms clustered around eyestrain, disorientation, and nausea. Historically, many of these problems have been attributed to sub-optimal VR hardware variables, such as system latency. The Oculus Rift represents a new generation of VR devices, one that resolves many issues of earlier systems. But even with a flawless hardware implementation, improperly designed content can still lead to an uncomfortable experience DOWNLOAD